Pregame Preamble: Rest of the Season

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Peyton’s Broncos started the season 7-0. If Brock’s version emulate that same feat starting with Oakland today, Denver will be crowned Super Bowl Champions for the 3rd time. Sounds good doesn’t it? Sadly, almost too good to be true! It is surely beyond any realistic expectation that Brock Osweiler can go undefeated in his first ten starts, even if he … Read More

Pregame Preamble: Broncos vs Chargers

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Brock and his Broncos have so far escaped a Bear trap and avoided a nasty little Pat fall in last week’s epic showdown with New England. There are no tougher opponents in the NFL than the current Superbowl Champions and by hook or crook, Denver managed to secure a season altering, perhaps defining, win. It is easy to get swept … Read More

6 Takeaways from Week 12

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Brock Osweiler is now the starter. The fourth year quarterback is surprising everyone right now. Although he is not putting up monster numbers his performances speak for themselves. He has shown good pocket presence and escapability and it’s no coincidence the run game has gotten going now that the threat of the deep ball is all too real and opponents … Read More