Why I support the Broncos – Part 1

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Welcome to our new weekly feature where we find out why fans’ love for the Broncos started and how it grew. In our first edition Dean Godbold tells all. How do you start following a team that to this date that I have never seen, but yet be so passionate about them and the sport. Well, although I always had … Read More

The Denver offense and why they will improve

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By Dan Meakin (@SithOfBradford) All the way through the season, everyone was saying about Denver’s Offense. What’s up with them? In short, although much of the talk was about Manning/Osweiler/Anderson/Hillman/Thomas it really didn’t stem THAT much from them. It’s said that Defenses win Championships. Offenses get you highlight reels. It’s also said the majority of games are won at the … Read More

Keep Pounding!

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Once the Broncos play in what has been dubbed as a SB 50 rematch, so much will have changed. And for the better I hasten to add! Yes we have lost 1 or 2 pieces off last season’s No1 D, but they have been replaced by in my opinion equally as good or even better replacements. We will have a … Read More

Them and us 2.0

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Offense seems to be the real measure of what makes Vegas and ESPN come up with their odds and stats. However here is where the confusion lies. We had a sub par offense with mediocre QB play and a terrible O Line not suited at all to Coach Kubiaks Zone blocking system. Yet those in the know have judged last … Read More