An Interview with David Tossell

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We asked NFL Europe’s Director Public Affairs (Europe), David Tossell, a few questions on the run up to Super Bowl 50.

What has been your favourite moment of the season? (as a fan!)
As a Jets fan, my favourite moment (and yet eventually my least favourite) was seeing the Jets get to the final drive of the season in with a chance of making the playoffs. Shame it ended how it did, but if you had told me in September the Jets would have been in the playoff hunt at that point I would have taken it.

How happy are you with the growth of the NFL in the UK in 2015/16
It has been another season of great progress, with all the 2015 London games sold out, tickets almost gone for the 2016 games and ever deepening partnerships with our broadcasters, Sky and BBC. Hopefully we can build on that even more in 2016/17.

Would you see a London Super Bowl as a realistic prospect at any time in the future?
I would echo what our senior management, including the Commissioner, has always said. Super Bowl is awarded to NFL franchise markets so London would probably need to have a team before it would even be considered.

Who takes Sunday’s game? What will decide it?
As someone who works for the league and has a vested interest in people in the UK staying up late to watch the whole game on BBC and Sky, I am giving you the diplomatic answer: It will be a close game, an exciting finish, and decided by a play or performance that will still be talked about in 50 years’ time!

Thanks David for your time!

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