German Broncos

I founded this account after I realised that to my surprise, there was no Twitter account focused on the Broncos here in Germany. The NFL is quite popular in Germany (still far behind football of course). However most of the people are not supporting one specific team, they just like to watch the games which are more exciting than many football matches. Therefore there are not so many Broncos supporters in Germany but a lot of NFL fans in general.

The NFL got a big boost this 2015 season in Germany thanks to one small TV channel (@prosiebenmaxx) which is showing two games on free TV every Sunday evening. The games are getting a stable audience rate at about 5-6 percent which is quite good for the broadcasting time on Sunday evening. You can see the huge interest in the games on Twitter where the hashtag #ranNFL is usually trending in the top 10 (or even top 3) on any given Sunday. We are expecting more and more interest from the people as the channel has the rights for 3 years so it is most likely that the community will grow. The channel is broadcasting two games (from CBS) which they announce always about one week in advance. Luckily they were really good with their choice as nearly all the games they showed this season were really tight or even thrillers in OT.

It is now our goal to increase the number of Broncos supporters in Germany here on Twitter and to make them aware of our account. Broncos games are of course the best advertise (up to now we had 2 this season, Baltimore and Indianapolis) so we are looking into a bright future.