You can doubt us… We’ll just prove you wrong!

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Underdog tag suits us.

We are the current World Champions, Superbowl 50 winners and Vince Lombardi holders…

Silly season again.

Let’s talk about the No1 defence – Fact.

Once again those in the know (chortle), Vegas and ESPN have cast aside everything we did last season as perhaps a fluke? Not sure what last season was classed as in their eyes, but to all in Broncos Country we all knew.

We all knew what we were capable of, we all knew we had something very special going on in the preventative side of things. I am off course talking about the Deeefense, the no fly zone, orange crush 2.0. Whatever you want to call it, it was the most majestic thing to ever come out of Denver since ‘the drive’.

Lost a couple of bodies? Then that’s it, you’re done.

So we lost Jackson and Trevathon from the front 7 and 2 back up safeties.

The depth we have is frightening but no one seems to know our care, let’s not let fact get in the way of a good story though.

Watch out for Tod Davis who did just as many snaps as Trevathon did last season, to step up. The 2nd and 3rd string LB’s in the squad are all just as capable as each other.

Then of course there is last season’s 1st round pick, a certain Mr Ray. He’s had a year to settle into this defense, and as a rule a player coming into his 2nd year is usually better than in his 1st. Dekoda Watson was also brought in, I am excited to see this guy play in Wade Phillips system, I think this is another shrewd pick up.

Then there’s someone who is becoming too me to be know as Mr Denver, the beast that is Derek Wolfe. This guy got better after signing his long term deal towards the back end of the season, so that’s Mr Jackson’s lots eliminated. Not forgetting the signing of Aussie Gotsis who will no doubt be a starter once he’s healthy.

Safety first…

We knew 2 of our safeties were out of contract come season’s end and with us looking for cash to pay a certain Mr Miller, it was obvious Burton and Bolden weren’t going to be re-signed.

The safety position was one with the least back up and when Ward and Bolden were unavailable we had to bring in Keo and Bush. The loss to the Steelers showed us how much we missed these guys and the no fly zone was in disarray.

I’m surprised we waited until the 3rd round to draft one, however Elways patience paid off with the capture of Justin Simmons. And then Strong safety Will Parks in the 6th replaced what we’d lost in FA.

I have no doubt we will unearth another defensive gem throughout training camp, and bar last season we have signed at least one undrafted player every season in the Elway era, the most notable of them are Chris Harris JR and C.J. Anderson.

In haven’t mentioned Ware, Miller Talib etc as they are still here, however you would think not the way the so called experts have been banging on.

As many of us said before Superbowl 50, when we where written off; and All Carolina had to do was turn up, was it’s OK we all know…


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