Denver Broncos Season Preview: Raza Khan

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Denver Broncos UK admin Raza Khan looks ahead to the 2018 season in our third Broncos preview. How has preseason affected your optimism for the season? The preseason has made me optimistic in terms of how our rookies performed against the other teams starters, particularly in the third game against the Washington Redskins. That said, obviously you have to take … Read More

You can doubt us… We’ll just prove you wrong!

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Underdog tag suits us. We are the current World Champions, Superbowl 50 winners and Vince Lombardi holders… Silly season again. Let’s talk about the No1 defence – Fact. Once again those in the know (chortle), Vegas and ESPN have cast aside everything we did last season as perhaps a fluke? Not sure what last season was classed as in their … Read More

How will the Broncos fair in 2015?

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Let’s face it, 2014 was, compared to what we were hoping for, a bit of a disappointment. From the first snap of the Super Bowl against Seattle, to the way the 2014 regular season and playoff run ended. Like me I am sure you have endured plenty of comments about the Broncos were done and everything would need to be … Read More