Dave’s Diary: The 2017 Season So Far

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The offensive line still has problems, mainly holding penalties, which tells me they are getting beat. Is this down to Jeff Davidson, or is it more of a schematic problem, ie Offensive play calling? We need a RT who is as good at protecting the QB  as he is opening up the run. Menalik can be excellent in regards to creating holes etc, but cannot stop the pass rush. So I’d sooner draft a RT, and have him learn from his mistakes, as we need to fortify the o-line for years to come, bringing a vet in is a short term fix to a long term problem.

QB is somewhere where I feel that, if we don’t have it in Lynch, then we seriously need to be looking at Cousins or another decent vet.

We are strong at RB, but the holes don’t seem to be opening up, is this a lack of vision, or ability?
Jamaal Charles was brought in as an explosive back, and a real coupe for the organisation, and either isn’t being used enough, his injury is impeding him, or play calling and scheme really is that terrible.
I feel it is the latter.

WR corps, here’s a novel idea, catch the bloody ball, AND hold onto it!

TE’s none of ours seem to be able to bust a tackle, or be hard to cover, or be able to block. Huerman was the answer to this but has biscuit bones, Butt is supposed to be the same as Huerman, Green is good at blocking, and Derby wasn’t utilised as much as I’d like, in order for me to make an honest opinion of him, that’s why he’s been cut I believe. Lets hope Traylor offers something else. Personally I believe the Derby wave is rather bizarre, I’d have cut Heurman or Green first.

I think we need to look at LB’s in the draft,  and what is going on with Demarcus Walker, the team is trying to make him play a position he can’t, they should have drafted a Linebacker, if they want him to play there. He is a defensive end, and should be played there. Karl Mecklenburg he is not.

Offensive play calling holds a lot to be desired, and I thought Rick Dennison was terrible, and having bought into all the hype about McCoy, I thought we were in for handing out ,and certainly not on the recieving end of some blow outs.
For the third straight season I have seen nothing offensively that fills me with excitement.
It is seemingly far to predictable, for  opposing defenses to play against.

Defensively I can not understand why we suddenly look so disjointed and confused.
Again, opposing teams are able to read us and work out what we are going to do.
No fly zone has been thoroughly and easily grounded and outplayed since the bye week, and Ground Control has seemingly gone on strike.
As we know we cannot cover TE and backs for toffee, and don’t appear like we even want too address this, let alone look like we want to, at least fake it and give the fans some hope, however false it may be.

I actually believe Brock Olivio more than i do any of the other coaches. Joe Woods is in denial, Mike McCoy is in cloud cuckoo land and VJ is a Rookie who needs tow wise up fast.
Olivio accepts accountability, and knows what he needs to do, but seemingly can not translate that onto the playing field, which alarming tells me there is a deep rooted problem within the organisation, and this starts at the top with Joseph.

We need a total change of direction, and play with a F**k you attitude from now on.
I’ll end this with what should become the teams new mantra.

“We’re not here to be liked or make friends, we’re here to win championships”

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