Death by inches? Not for Fangio’s Denver

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Death by inches – that’s what Denver Broncos fans have gone through the past two years. It’s been painful, and slow, but Vance Joseph’s Broncos did eventually die.

However, the resurrection is underway, with Vic Fangio now at the helm.

“There will be no death by inches. We’re going to stress fundamentals.”

Fangio’s reign in Denver already has its catchphrase. He arrived looking ready to work, minus his grey sweats, and within five minutes he had the whole of Broncos Country ready to work for him.

But the best thing for Broncos Country, is that the Broncos are ready to work for him, the players filed in, sat, and watched their new head coach. Von Miller introduced himself.

“How’s it going coach, Von Miller, nice to meet you.” 

Fangio and Miller are going to get to know each other well, that’s for sure.

The Broncos have bucked the trend when appointing coaches in 2019. Whilst the league has gone young, and offensive, the Broncos have gone experienced, and defensive. That might not be a bad thing. The Broncos need to get back to being elite on the defensive side to compete, and Fangio knows it.

“They hired me because of my work on the defensive side of the ball,” Fangio commented. “And I am going to give them my work on the defensive side of the ball. I believe, for the most part, I am pretty good at it.”

John Elway certainly thinks he’s ‘pretty good’, as he said: “With his intelligence and experience, Vic is as good a football coach as you can find. He’s the perfect fit and exactly what we need as head coach of the Denver Broncos.”

Experienced is one thing Fangio certainly is. He started off in 1979 as the defensive coordinator in high school football for the Dunmore Bucks, near Scranton. *Insert The Office reference here*

Fangio has been in the NFL since 1984, and first become a defensive coordinator in 1995, with the Carolina Panthers. Why has he never been an NFL head coach in that time?

“Basically, I’ve never fit the profile of what certain teams were looking for.”

Maybe it’s the grey sweats, maybe it’s the mob attitude that he has been bestowed by some. But whatever it is, it has fallen right for Denver. And maybe the future for the Broncos has taken a turn for the upside. Maybe the Denver Broncos have just met their Holly Flax.

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