Denver Broncos 2017 Season Review

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We asked the contributors at Denver Broncos UK their thoughts on the disappointing 2017 season and what the future holds.

Thoughts on the 2017 season

Thomas Ritchie: The Broncos missing the playoffs for the second season in a row is incredibly disappointing, particularly with the pre-season optimism the new coaching staff brought and the 2-0 start. Unfortunately the quarterback play was just not up to scratch, and that is what makes this offseason so important as it could set the foundations for the next ten years. We need to be challenging for the playoffs if we sign a veteran QB to be the starter.

Raza Khan: It was obviously a disappointing season, especially when our division wasn’t as strong as everyone thought it would be. I predicted a 10-6 season as I thought Siemian would have improved coming into this season, not deteriorated. Considering what he had done last year with our o-line I did expect him to at least play to the same level but the turnovers killed us. Only the Browns had a worse turnover ratio than us and we turned the ball over at least twice in 12 games, and in those other four games we won three.

Dave Haselden: Well this season was disappointing to say the least. I am more disappointed in being made to look like a fool by believing everything the coaches told us, and for poo pooing when the experts said we’d have a 6-10 season.

Martin McDade: Poor quarterback play and an undisciplined roster for me ultimately prevented us gaining any success.

Stuart Brunt: I predicted 9-7 before the season started with concerns of offensive line play from the previous season and of course no stand out QB brought in to add competition to a stale offense unit. That said I was expecting a lot more from the coaching staff, too many times were the words got to do better in game after a fantastic week of practice uttered in a press conference yet no real improvement or shakeup occurred the following week.

Who was the most impressive player in 2017?

TR: This season I grew to love Shelby Harris and the toughness he brought to the defensive line. His talent got recognised as the season progressed with his playing time increasing, and he made six starts, recording an impressive 5.5 sacks in the season. And who can forget the blocked field goal against LA.

RK: Von Miller had 10 sacks despite constantly being double teamed, and he ended the season statistically as the second best edge rusher in the league. Miller also led the league in terms of pressuring the QB. Domato Peko also deserves a shout out, he helped turn one of the league’s worst run defences into one of the best in the league (we allowed 130 ypg last year and only 89 ypg this year).

DH: The best player was a much improved Adam Gotsis, proving his doubters wrong and helping to solidify ‘ground control’.

MM: Von Miller. Still put up big numbers again and was a force. He produced in spite of double teaming and the pressure to carry the team’s load to stay competitive when the offense put the defence in holes. Honourable mentions to Peko and Gotsis.

SB: Domato Peko hands down. Finally the nose tackle the Broncos have needed since changing to a 3-4. His experience and play carried Wolfe, Gotsis and to some extent Walker ( in limited snaps ) to excel and improve the defensive units worst area. Much like Ware progressed Barrett and Miller, Peko will improve the young guns on our D line.

Who is on thin ice in Denver?

TR: The quarterback room needs to be cleaned out, all three had a chance and were utterly dismal. Demaryius Thomas will need to restructure his contract to stay in Denver, and CJ Anderson wasn’t as consistent as we would have liked. Aqib Talib could also make way if the Broncos make a go for Kirk Cousins.

RK: There’s a lot that needs moving on, and most of it is on the offense. We need to get rid of Siemian and Osweiler, I’d keep Paxton as a back up because he’s the youngest and has more of a chance of improving than the other two. The offensive line obviously needs sorting out, I think Paradis and Bolles are probably going to be starters next year, maybe Leary because of his contract, but other than that it needs massive improvement.

DH: Trevor, and Brock Osweiler. I feel also that Langley is on the bubble as is McKenzie, although he shouldn’t have been out there half the time anyhow.

MM: Special teams have been a disaster pretty much entire season. Continuous fumbles and poor field position seemed a weekly occurrence. Even McManus hasn’t been as reliable.

SB: Pretty much take your pick from the offense, from the selfish natured play from Sanders to the 14 yard drop back Siemian to the ever open door of Watson at right tackle. Bolles had a wake up call and Leary performed well against the Cowboys but went missing in far too many games.

Hopes for the offseason/2018 season?

TR: The quarterback situation needs to be addressed one way or another. The wide receiver position could do have another acquisition to make the slot position their own. A right tackle would be nice too.

RK: The play offs is a must after missing them for 2 years, if we don’t, l believe Vance Joseph will be out the door. But if we do get into the playoffs we need to challenge teams and not get blown out in the first round. Also we need to see a good passing offense, we haven’t seen one of these since Peyton’s penultimate season.

DH: Hopefully we shore up our offensive line and bring some fear into the Linebacker corps in the off season. I’d also be looking at the up coming WR free agent’s. Hopefully Elway can restructure some contracts, including Talib’s and make Cousins and a WR happen. If no one is willing to restructure as an apology to the fans this off season, for the greater good, then they can chase the money elsewhere as far as I’m concerned.

MM: Super Bowl obviously! At the very least I want us to be competitive for a playoff spot.

SB: As expected by myself Vance Joseph stays as do Woods and Musgrave – well done. Too quick fans jump on wanting sackings and no team can develop under an ever changing system. These 3 gentlemen need to get their act together and real quick! They have the 5th pick with several positions of need including QB. Elway has taken this season on HIS chin, taking blame away from Joseph. However this season will 100% be on Elway – If we win he’ll be the hero that showed patience, if we lose he’s the jackass who wouldn’t admit a mistake and cost us another year. I expect a better draft and a winning record as the bare minimum to receive a C grade.

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Who do you want as the Broncos QB in 2018?

TR: Sam Darnold

RK: Kirk Cousins

DH: Kirk Cousins

MM: Kirk Cousins

SB: Someone different!

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