Denver Broncos Season Preview: Raza Khan

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Denver Broncos UK admin Raza Khan looks ahead to the 2018 season in our third Broncos preview.

How has preseason affected your optimism for the season?

The preseason has made me optimistic in terms of how our rookies performed against the other teams starters, particularly in the third game against the Washington Redskins. That said, obviously you have to take the preseason with a grain of salt.

Who was your standout performer in preseason?

I don’t think there was a major standout performer, but some very good performance from the likes of Courtland Sutton and Royce Freeman.

How happy are you with the QB situation?

I am a lot happier with the QB situation compared to last year. Case Keenum gives us stability at the position, which we have lacked in recent years, and his relationship with Emmanuel Sanders is very encouraging. However, there’s still some nerves about whether he can play like he did last year.

Who do you want a big performance from in week 1 and why?

I’d like to see Bradley Chubb have a great performance in week one so that teams have to start focusing on both edge rushers, which could free up Von Miller and allow him to be even more dangerous.

What are your thoughts on the AFC West, and where do you think we’ll finish?

The LA Chargers are a very good team and look like being the most dangerous team in the division, but I feel like the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders could be in a rebuilding phase. I think we’ll finish 2nd in the division with a 10-6 record.

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