Film Study: LA Chargers @ Denver Broncos

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The Denver Broncos opened the 2017 season with a nerve-wracking 24-21 victory over AFC West rivals the LA Chargers. We break down some of the key plays that helped Denver secure the win.

CJ Anderson 18-yard run

With the game tied at 7-7, CJ Anderson burst out a huge 18-yard rush to move the Broncos deep into Chargers’ territory. The Broncos run off the left hand side, with Sanders making a crucial block inside, whilst Virgil Green comes behind the line to pick up a block.

Garrett Bolles and Max Garcia make two excellent blocks, which opens up a huge gap for CJ to run through where he is isolated with Chargers DB Jason Verrett. CJ makes a move to skip by, and continues running downhill for an excellent 18-yard pickup. Watch the full play unfold below.

Trevor Siemian one-yard TD run

The Broncos have 2nd and goal from the Chargers one, and line up with eight men on the line. It’s a two tight-end set with Virgil Green and AJ Derby lined up on the right, and Donald Stephenson as a sixth lineman on the left. Andy Janovich is the full-back and acts as a decoy in the play-action by blocking to the left, even though the play is a bootleg to the right.

Donald Stephenson is actually an eligible receiver on this play and runs a route round the back of the end zone and is wide open. Virgil Green runs a curl route but is tightly covered. With Stephenson not exactly the greatest pass catcher, the best option would be for Siemian to scramble. AJ Derby takes out one Charger while Siemian jukes Joey Bosa who tackles the air, giving Siemian his first rushing touchdown of his career. Watch the play develop below.

Virgil Green 44-yard catch

Midway through the fourth quarter and the Broncos are trying to thwart the Chargers comeback. The Broncos are on their own 25 and are looking to at the very least run out some of the clock and gain field position. The Broncos line up with two receivers and two tight ends. The Chargers have a safety off screen, and most of their attention is on the two star wide-outs, Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas.

Virgil Green runs a simple go route straight past the defensive back. Garrett Bolles picks up his block however Menelik Watson is easily beaten and the Chargers bring pressure up the middle. With two defenders baring down Siemian has the poise to throw the pass to Green, who has to turn to make the pass, before gaining crucial yards after catch to turn it into a 44-yard play. Watch the play develop below.

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