Why I Support The Broncos – Greg Adkins

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Find out how Greg became a Broncos fan across the pond in the US of A!

Growing up my Dad was a huge Chiefs fan as were a lot of my other family members and friends. My older brother was a football fan and he, like me, got tired of hearing about how good of a team the Chiefs were so he usually cheered for any team that was playing against them. My brother taught me how to understand and how to play football when I was 8 years old and I became hooked on the sport immediately.
My parents saw how much I loved football, so they bought me a football uniform for Christmas in 1980. Back then getting a uniform with an NFL logo on it wasn’t a popular thing so they got one that was white with a powder blue helmet. The helmet colour matched the colour of the Broncos helmets at that time. My Mum, my brother and I are good artists. In fact my brother is one of the best I have ever seen and he decided to draw and paint the Broncos logo on my helmet. So complete with the logo and stripes, I asked him who that team was on the helmet and he told me it was the Denver Broncos. The big D with the white horse in the middle was eye catching for me and I just fell in love with it.
So from the fall of 1981 I started watching the Broncos whenever I could, albeit their TV air time then in this area wasn’t as big as it is now. I watched them when I could, always making sure I was wearing that helmet when I watched them play. Craig Morton was the Quarterback then, and we didn’t make it to the playoffs but did have a winning season that year. But as all of us die hard Bronco fans know that would all change in 1983 when John Elway came to Denver and changed the organization into what it is today, a Championship team and the greatest team in the NFL.
Go Broncos!!

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