Why I support the Broncos – Part 1

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Welcome to our new weekly feature where we find out why fans’ love for the Broncos started and how it grew. In our first edition Dean Godbold tells all.

How do you start following a team that to this date that I have never seen, but yet be so passionate about them and the sport.

Well, although I always had an intrigue in my teens about the sport, it never had the TV coverage in the UK like it has nowadays so although I know a bit about it it was still a sort of taboo to me.

I would like to say that I follow the Broncos because of the Elway helicopter or the grace of Terrell Davis rushing for 2000 yards, but it was basically Madden, I can’t remember what year it was but I was always a sports nerd and apart from Football (soccer) my second passion was Horse Racing. So I picked that years Madden game up and started a franchise in which I had to pick a team and after 10 minutes of going through the teams it came down to 2, the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts because I liked there logos. I went for the Denver Broncos.

Though I was a more casual fan back then I always checked the scores, however I rarely watched games because of the time difference. In 2006 I got really serious and I started watching all of the sky sports games and recording the late games, which is probably the time when UK coverage really started to take off. Then I found NFL Gamepass in 2009, and when I found out that Patriots @ Broncos wasn’t on TV when we started the season 6-0 or 7-0, (can’t remember exactly!) under Kyle Ortan I had to watch and my love for the game just got bigger and bigger.

My lowest point is not Super Bowl 48 but the loss to the Ravens the year before because I was truly gutted and to this day think that was the best year Manning played in Denver and the biggest Highlight, well it wasn’t that long ago.

Though I have never been to an NFL game I made a promise to myself that the first game I will ever see will be in America and hopefully one day at a certain place in Colorado I might just be in the stands shouting IN-COM-PLETE. This is exactly what the NFL and Denver Broncos mean to me.

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