Why I support the Broncos – part 6

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In part 6 of our new feature, Vinny McParland tells us how he became a fan of the Denver Broncos.

I’m trying to write this without the aid of the internet to research certain dates, players, or games, in the hope that it becomes clear that how I came to support the Broncos was down to luck/fate/a feeling (call it what you will), rather than an attempt to chase the star man or team in form.
I was in a school, in a Biology class in 83/84 when a fellow pupil came into the room and threw down a number of pennants from various teams across the NFL. Now, I wasn’t really big in to American Football at that time, it was more of a “I’d better watch the show on Channel 4 so that I know what these kids are talking about” kind of situation. So I recognised some of the names and colours, and I watched the predictable clamour from the other lads for the usual suspects.
Even though I wasn’t an avid follower then, I knew I did NOT want the L.A. Raider pennant.
Nor did the Dolphins, Redskins, Bears, Cowboys or 49ers interest me in the slightest.
As soon as I saw the “D”, and the blue, and the orange….nestling under all of the others that were being fought over by the other lads, I knew that was the pennant and team for me.
There’s a saying in soccer – you do not pick your team, your team picks you. And that saying couldn’t have been more appropriate at that time.
Oh….and they’d not long taken on a new QB at that time, too…….
There followed one of the most turbulent sporting times of my life: THE Drive, the 3 Amigos, the Giants/Redskins/49ers Superbowls (let’s not dwell on those), Elway carrying the not-so-gifted supporting cast, the Green Bay/Atlanta games, and through to Peyton and the horrendous night against Seattle, and the tremendous night against Carolina.
It’s been a storm.
It’s been hard.
It’s been fantastic being a Bronco. And even more so in this age of instant connectivity and information, where you can be messaging a Bronco in Denver whilst watching Von Miller put the Carolina offence in his back pocket.

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