Super Bowl 50: An Interview with Jake Plummer

31st January 2016

Former Denver Broncos and Arizona Cardinals Quarterback, Jake Plummer, answered a few questions on the run up to Super Bowl 50.

Q: What’s your favourite memory in a Broncos uniform?
A: Probably the throw I made to Rod Smith versus the Raiders in the snow. We had orange jerseys on and the snow was 3-4 inches before halftime. I rolled to my right, Rod ran a comeback and go and I hit him in stride for a 60 yard TD. What stood out were the footprints of Rod and the poor defender chasing him in the snow. We lost the game but that play still makes me smile.

Q: What does Denver need to do to win SB50?
A: Denver needs to play tight coverage in the secondary and force Newton to make pinpoint throws. They also need to tackle him in space, he’s unlike any beast they have faced or ever will face, so limiting his impact and big plays will be decisive in winning or losing. Also, Peyton needs to get at least two first downs with his legs!

Q: Do you think this could be Peyton a last game? If so, do you have a favourite memory?
A: I hope this is his last game. Retirement is awesome and he deserves to win and ride off into the sunset. I remember Peyton for his playfulness and willingness to sip a cold one now and then. He’s a true warrior and great person. One of the best.

Q: Do you see the growth of the NFL in the UK and Europe as important, and do you think a London franchise is a good or bad thing?
A: Growing the game is very important especially with all the CTE and head trauma issues. Is the UK the right place? That all depends on the fans and TE money. Having a team in London poses a lot of logistical problems for the team there. Chances are slim a team will be in London.

Q: Is the current Denver defence better than the Legion of Boom?
Q: This defense is just as good as the legion of boom. They rush the passer well and cover well. Only issue is the health of the back end. If TJ Ward and Darian Stewart are healthy, then yes, they are just as good if not better then the Legion.

Thanks Jake for you time!

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Interview by

Michael McQuaid



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