An Interview with Nat Coombs

4th April 2016

A Q&A with Nat Coombs, presenter of the new & upcoming #TS2AllAmerican sports radio show on TalkSport2.

Q: What do you think of the Broncos QB situation and has free agency really been that bad for them?
A: I think they got a great deal moving Osweiler on. Pretty much untested, for that kind of money, no brainer. Elway knows what he’s doing – he’s proved that. I actually think Sanchez is still a viable starter in the NFL in some situations – and Denver is def one of those situations. That said, the inevitable exodus will be hard for you guys to weather. But still think you’ll contend. That division though – wow. Strongest in the NFL?

Q: How will your show differ to a podcast?
A: There’s no all US sports radio show in Britain – so its very much meant to be a hub for the community of fans of many sports to come together. Content wise we’ll have lots of contributors from here and across the pond – some old faves (Iron Mike, Josh Chetwynd) but also new voices, and fans too.

Q: What’s your over / under on how many minutes Carlson will be on air with you before a pun makes you groan?
A: I was watching back Super Bowl 49 that I did with Mike and Osi and forgotten that Mike brought his “joke box” (a red handheld toy that does canned laughter or fake applause depending on the button pressed) and used it within the first 2 minutes of the show! On the terrestrial TV broadcast of the Super Bowl! First time Osi had worked with us – he looked utterly baffled! Textbook Carlson.

Q: Manchester has the same flight time as London for most NFL teams and has all the same quality hotels and practice facilities that London has. Going North would further push the NFL brand awareness so is there any chance the NFL might schedule a game there?
A: I really hope so – while I understand in some respects that London makes logistical sense, would love to see a game up North, and in different British countries too. Lets mix it up!

Q: For the unworldly, how do we get TalkSport2?
A: It’s available on digital radio, to listen online via or via the talksport app which is free to download.

Q: Will the show be live or “as live”?
A: Most weeks we’ll go out live yea, 18.00-20.00 on a Tuesday – though occasionally we’ll prerecord.

Q: Will you have phone ins?
A: The plan is to do that eventually but not initially. But lots of social interaction via the ‪#‎TS2AllAmerican‬

Q: What are your favourite US sports teams and why?
A: I’m a Fins fan for my sins, Cubs in baseball. So a lifelong of misery. My friend Dan Louw (from Americarnage) annoyed me an Anaheim Ducks fan in Hockey, and I don’t really have an NBA team. Prob the Knicks if pushed.

Q: Best QB not named Brady or Manning?
A: Right now, Rogers. All time? Marino obviously wink emojicon

Q: Is the RB position undervalued?
A: Yes it really is. Fascinating how that changes. 10 years ago it was so different. I think players like Shuan Alexander put paid to that. MVP to out of the league in 2 years.

Q: Did the Broncos win provide a blueprint for how teams can win even if they don’t have great QB play?
A: Yes for sure, but I still think it will be the exception to the rule. The Panthers were outplayed, but replay that game 10 times, be interesting to see the final reckoning!

You can listen to the All American Sports Show Podcast here. Thanks Nat!

Interview by

Alex Harrison



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