Meet the Broncos UK team: Part 3

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In part three we meet Martin McDade, one of our Twitter and Facebook admins, who has been with the Denver Broncos UK team for multiple seasons.

When did you become a Broncos fan?

That would have been 2001.

Why did you become a Broncos fan?

My friend, an Oakland Raiders fan (I know!), introduced me to the sport. To wind him up I chose their rivals as my team, and it stuck!

Who is your favourite all-time player?

Champ Bailey for me!

What is your favourite moment in Broncos history?

It has to be Super Bowl 50. I missed out on our first two by a couple of years!!

Who is your current favourite player?

I imagine he’s most fans’, but Von Miller!

What is your favourite sport outside of the NFL?

Football (Soccer)!

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