Musings From The Mile High Report – Week 11

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Ian St. Clair from The Mile High Report joins us for his latest weekly feature on, ahead of Sunday’s game against the Chargers.

Vance Joseph somehow found another way to cost his team a win. Rinse. Lather. Repeat. The sole reason the Denver Broncos lost to the Houston Texans was confirmed by coach Bill O’Brien as he allegedly muttered a phrase full of curse words describing Joseph’s “skills.” There is nothing left to add at this point; we’re all just waiting for the inevitable to come from John Elway.

Improving Keenum

Case Keenum finally played a clean game … and it was still not enough. What will help Keenum more than anything is to have a competent offensive coordinator. One who knows what Keenum’s strengths are as a quarterback and base the offense on those facets. It still may not make a difference, but competent coaching is the Broncos’ biggest issue right now, and it’s fun to contemplate what that would bring to this team.  

King off target?

As we all witnessed against the Texans, Joseph and his staff just cannot get out of their own way. The comments from former Denver punter Marquette King about how the coaches wanted to change his kicking style accentuates that. By itself, it’s not a big deal. But given the constant debacles over the last two seasons, it’s no wonder the Broncos are in the state they’re in. This also highlights why King is a former Denver punter.

Harbaugh to the rescue?

The best cure to what ails the Broncos is John Harbaugh. It’s similar to the John Fox hire after the Josh McDaniels error. Fox brought in leadership and stability to an organization that desperately needed it. Harbaugh would do the same. The main reason he would come to the Broncos is because of his relationship with Gary Kubiak. Plus, Harbaugh has experience working with a general manager similar to Elway in Ozzie Newsome. If and when Harbaugh becomes available, he should be at the top of Elway’s list. Not that it matters, but Harbaugh is my top choice.   

Getting healthy

The remainder of this season should focus on the potential of Denver’s younger players. If running back Royce Freeman makes his return on Sunday, that’s most important. Running the ball is where the Broncos excel on offense, so give at least 30 carries to Freeman and fellow rookie Phillip Lindsay. Control time of possession, keep Philip Rivers and the Los Angeles Chargers on the sideline, and see what these two rookies can do against a pretty good defense. That also opens up Denver’s offense for Keenum to utilize play action. Of course, that assumes Musgrave has figured all of this out, and we have no evidence to support that he has.

LA getting hot?

Aside from running the football, the Broncos have to limit what Melvin Gordon does. If he goes off, Denver has no shot against the Chargers.

The Broncos haven’t won a AFC West road game since Dec. 6, 2015, when they beat the Chargers 17-3 in San Diego. Denver hasn’t won a game in LA since 1987. The Broncos also have lost six of their last seven games, while Los Angeles is keeping pace with the Kansas City Chiefs. Denver keeps its road misery alive on Sunday. Chargers 27-13.

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