QB Quandary 2017

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Here we go. The pads are on, meaning the QB battle is on. The QB Quandary 2017 is here in abundance.

Day one belonged to Paxton.
Day two belonged to Trevor.
Day three, it would have taken a much better person than me to choose, but day four belonged to the wrecking machine, AKA the Defense.
I don’t know whether this should worry me or not.
Happy because the ‘D’ is as good as ever, and mithered somewhat that this new and improved ‘O’ couldn’t get going, hints of 2016 perspired all day.
Coach Joseph was not happy with the QB’s, and he told us so.

Paxton seems like a dual threat QB, who will scramble rather than check down. He has a cannon arm and was banging them into the End Zone from long range as well as getting them through the tightest of windows for fun, including 2 on 1’s. This my kind of QB. Does he remind you of someone? Cough Cough Elway Cough Cough
He’s had a year in the NFL, and it showed early on. He’s more comfortable with the playbook and understands theĀ  terminology this season, something he struggled with last year, which is benefiting him now.
Some expert’s predict he’ll win the job by the 2nd pre season game.

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Trevor started camp slowly, but didn’t half get back up to speed on day 2, showing why he was our starter last year, and why Kubiak favoured him.
He is more of a pocket passer, and a lot more conservative, and would sooner check down rather than risk anything. I believe his conservativeness will be the reason he either wins or loses the job, as there is bugger all wrong with his intelligence, or his arm, that’s like a laser. These are the reasons that made me believe we were in good hands at QB last year, and the other reason I didn’t believeĀ Sanchez would ever start for us. And the same reasons I’d be happy if he started again for us this year. We also will have the added bonus of him having a year as a starter under his belt also.
My only grievance from last year was that he didn’t use that arm of his more. Was that down to coaching orders, or his lack of risk taking?
We will find that out this season, no questions asked.

Chad Kelly won’t get the chance to show us his worth until next season, due to his wrist injury, and the fact that he will miss camp, or at least the majority of it.
I’ll tell you what though, I could not believe how far he fell in the draft, and I believe the reason we took him was to get the chance to tie him down to a contract, so we can get a really good look at him, and kick the tyres.
Theres also the possibility that we could use him as a trading chip in the next few years, should a team find themselves in a position, of needing someone to hurl the pigskin for them.
He is easily 2nd round talent, and had he not been injured, could well have gone to someone willing to take the chance on him in the 1st.
Yes he’s had off the field issues, but so did Shane Ray, and he turned out all right for us.
He is every bit as good as his Uncle Jim, ex Buffalo Bills legend, from all accounts, and will possibly be the reason we may well be left with another QB Quandary next year!

Andy Cross/The Denver Post

Kyle Sloter is another addition to the Quandary, and has shown signs of promise, and should we decide to go with 3 QB’s he should get the nod. He is definitely developmental talent, and if he doesn’t make the 53, I’ll be very surprised if he fails to make it on to the practice squad.

I do believe we will run with 3 QB’s, just simply to keep the pressure on, and to keep our option’s open.
It always astounds me when teams only have 2 QB’s on their rosters, then go into panic mode when their starter gets injured, hence my reasoning over Kelly.

In short for me, one QB will have to stand out this pre season, otherwise I feel we may go with the wrong option.
Do we go with the experience, or do we go with the 1st round pick, simply because he’s a 1st rounder?
Or do we bring someone like Kaepernick in?
The QB Quandary is here, and in full force!

Go Broncos.

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