Return Of The Brock

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By Martin McDade

The football Gods might be sniggering at the thought of Brock Osweiler returning to Denver. Are they dishing out the ultimate football karma for Osweiler?

A little over a year ago, Brock Osweiler’s patience seemingly paid off. He was selected in the 2nd round of the 2012 NFL draft by the Broncos to be the heir to the throne. He was being groomed to be Peyton Manning’s successor. He sat on the bench for three seasons watching Manning break offensive records. In 2015, with age and injury deterring Manning’s usual stellar play, the time finally came for Brock to be under centre for the Denver Broncos. With Manning subsequently retiring and with Osweiler having a taste of finally becoming a starting quarterback, it seemed fitting he finally had the keys to the Porsche. It was his time.

Despite familiarity within Denver and a more talented roster around him, a guaranteed offer of huge money from Houston proved to sway Brock’s mind. He chased the cash.

Broncos Country understandably didn’t take this well. I hate to toot my own horn but at the time I did say he would regret this and would end up failing in Houston. Low and behold, he’s back in Denver, with his tail between his legs earning minimum money to back up our starting quarterback again. Is this karma?

For turning his back on us, I understand why the majority of Broncos country are a little bitter about his return. Yes his decision to leave us high and dry was hard to take. And I certainly won’t be forgiving him any time soon. However we can’t let that blind us from the fact, that without Brock, the Broncos wouldn’t have won Super Bowl 50. Yes I know Manning played in that Super Bowl win, even all the playoff victories. But I genuinely believe we wouldn’t have been world champions had it not been for Brock….hear me out!

When Manning went down, our offense was a mess. I’m not saying Brock came in and waved a magic wand and we became some sort of offensive juggernaut. Far from it. However he did come in and was solid. He kept it simple and put points on the board when it mattered and allowed our defence to win the games. He even managed to make some throws Manning wouldn’t have managed. Check out his touchdown pass to Andre Caldwell in the overtime win over New England here.

That regular season win over the Patriots was huge. We got some other massive wins whilst Brock was under centre including a big one over the Bengals on Monday night football. Without those wins, we wouldn’t have secured the number one seed for the playoffs. In my opinion, had we been seeded any lower, I don’t think we make it to Super Bowl 50. Could you really see us win that same AFC Championship game in Foxborough? Me neither. That home advantage coupled with our dominating defence got us over the line.

So regardless of our ill feelings towards him now, we have to be somewhat grateful for him for his contribution in our Super Bowl 50 win.

The football Gods have effectively punished Brock pretty harshly for walking out on us. Ironically he showed patience waiting to be the starter but none when making money. Elway offered him good money and told him you will make the money you want when you earn that contract. But he turned down Elway and the Broncos’ money. Despite being patient to that point, his impatience was his ultimate downfall. With the big money tag over his head in Houston, he became a hate figure not being able to live up to his wealthy contract. Leaving Houston and ending up in Cleveland of all places. You thought surely he’s got himself a starting gig at least. The Browns have had 18 different starting quarterbacks in the last decade. But he managed to lose out to a little known rookie quarterback.

Even the Cleveland Browns didn’t want him. The football Gods can be cruel and ironically he ends up back where he started, being a back up. Even more ironically, he is now back up quarterback to the guy who was his back up previously in Denver.

It remains to be seen what happens with Kyle Sloter. I hope he makes it onto our practice squad if he clear waivers. For the time being, with Sloter being so inexperienced and Lynch injured, maybe it does make sense for Osweiler to return. After all Siemian has some injury issues himself.

Brock must be an NFL team’s PR dream with his seemingly pre-prepared interview statements. He always says the right things. So I’m sure he will try make amends with Broncos Country. So with his good intentions to make up to us, my diplomatic response?? … Welcome back Brent!

Photo: AP Photo/Jack Dempsey

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  1. He is earning minimum money from Broncos. That’s all that matters. To Broncos anyway. In my opinion, after the bruising his ego has taken the past 18 months, he’d walk back to Denver with or without his money being paid elsewhere

  2. Brock is NOT earning minimum money.. we may be paying the veterans minumum but he’s still being paid thw remainder of his 16 milkion guarantee for this year by the Browns!

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