Ritchie’s Rhetoric – Week 1

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So, week 1 of the NFL season is in the books and week 2 is just around the corner. And it has a lot to live up to after a thrilling week 1 in which 11 games were decided by 1 score or less and 6, yes 6, were by two points or less. It all started on Thursday night for our Broncos, in a celebration of our victorious 2015 Super Bowl winning season, when John Elway, Terrell Davis and Peyton Manning all brought out Lombardi trophies in historical fashion. On to the game and there were many fascinating storylines to be played out. Would our defence be as good as it was last year? Would Cam Newton bounce back after a difficult defeat? Could Trevor Seimian really lead the Broncos to a successful reason? None of those questions have a definitive answer after week 1, however heading into halftime with the Panthers 17-7 up, it seemed Cam would bounce back in fine fashion. But the Second half was a different game, the Broncos defence finally came to play with 3 sacks and numerous big hits on Newton, not to mention the huge turnover when Chris Harris Jr. made a miracle catch to pick off Cam at 17-14 which was followed by a 15 yard penalty in the Broncos favour. Possibly the most impressive performance of the evening was Trevor Seimian’s. Yes he had two interceptions, one of which was unlucky, the other can be coached out of him. But he never looked ruffled and always kept calm and looked poised in the pocket – and out when he was forced to scramble. Seimian was crucial in the Broncos overcoming a 10 point defect heading into the fourth quarter and got his career off to a fantastic start.
The biggest controversy coming off was the helmet to helmet hits layed out on Cam Newton. Now, from my point of view if a player intentionally targets the head of a QB, they should be ejected immediately. However on Thursday I saw only one of these instances occur, which was Marshall’s. All the others were either misplaced tackles or a result of Cam lowering his head. Once he’s set off on a run he’s no longer a QB in my opinion and a runner. Anyway, onto Indianapolis and we’ll have a preview posted over the weekend.

Go Broncos!

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