Ritchie’s Rhetoric – Week 5

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So, in week 5 the Broncos slumped to their first defeat of 2016, let alone the 2016 season, as they fell 23-16 to the Atlanta Falcons at Mile High Stadium. Despite this, the Broncos are still tied for the best record in the AFC at 4-1, and their defence gave up just 23 points on what many judged as a poor performance. This defeat though could be the kick up the backside our Broncos needed, as it puts an end to any feeling of invincibility, and the players will have to work hard to recover in a short week and get back to the top. The worrying factor last week was not Paxton Lynch, who certainly showed potential at times but probably isn’t quite ready, but the O-line. With Donald Stephenson missing they failed to give Lynch enough time in the pocket and give CJ and Booker open lanes to run through. They looked very average and that must change. With the return of Stephenson for the Chargers game we have to hope our run game takes a big boost from that. The most worrying event was of course Head Coach Gary Kubiak being rushed to hospital after the game, thankfully he is recovering well and we wish him all the best. The Falcons are a very good football team this year, yes we would hope we could beat them at home, but there are always going to be slip ups and losing to this team is no embarrassment, as long as the team let it go and get straight back to winning ways, in tonight’s huge colour rush game which I am very excited about. Go Broncos and do it for Kubes!

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