Ritchie’s Rhetoric – Week 6

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Our Denver Broncos slumped to their second consecutive defeat on Thursday Night Football last week , falling to divisional rivals the San Diego Chargers 21-13. This leaves us at 4-2, and thankfully still tied for the lead in our division after the Raiders were defeated by Kansas City. The first half of that game was one of the ugliest I’ve ever watched from a Broncos standpoint, and it was too little too late before Trevor got it going. In all honesty he didn’t have the worst game throwing for 230 yards, 1 TD and no interceptions, but we need all aspects of our offence to perform for the full 60. I said it after week 5, but the offensive line is a huge problem, there was no running game until gaps started opening up late in the game as San Diego played conservative and that needs to change. Hopefully after a long week between games and with Gary Kubiak back, which is great to see, we will see some improvement after some real grind in practice. The Broncos did make a couple of roster moves this week, most notably adding guard Billy Turner in place of Darrion Weems who was waived. Hopefully Turner can spark some success along the road if not immediately, and the group can get better and better from now. Surely they can’t get worse can they? They gave up 2 points by themselves! Thursday night could have been so different as well, with four minutes remaining CJ Anderson scored a receiving touchdown which could have made it a three point game, however it was called back for holding, which changed the context of the game. A huge part of Denver’s success has been winning the turnover battle, however we fumbled the ball twice and our defence appeared lacklustre at times, and maybe they needed a long week to get back into gear. The Broncos next face the Houston Texans at Mile High Stadium on Monday and welcome back Brock Osweiler to the stadium, who will not be given a warm welcome by our defence or crowd I’m sure! Go Broncos!

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