A Brockwork Orange

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Great players come, and great players go because sooner or later time always wins. Peyton Manning has played 265 NFL games, that’s 3rd in the all time list for quarterbacks, he has 6120 completions that’s 2nd of all time, 71,871 passing yards and 539 passing touchdowns he ranks 1st in both of these categories. His five NFL MVPs are a … Read More

6 Takeaways from Week 12

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Brock Osweiler is now the starter. The fourth year quarterback is surprising everyone right now. Although he is not putting up monster numbers his performances speak for themselves. He has shown good pocket presence and escapability and it’s no coincidence the run game has gotten going now that the threat of the deep ball is all too real and opponents … Read More

The Good the Bad and the Manning

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Being an NFL Fan in the UK can be hard. It involves late nights, expensive merch and far too many Jaguar games. For the last two years we’ve been gifted. Three games a year and by the looks of it that is only going to grow. But waiting for your team to make the trip to Wembley can be frustrating … Read More