Pregame Preamble: Rest of the Season

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Peyton’s Broncos started the season 7-0. If Brock’s version emulate that same feat starting with Oakland today, Denver will be crowned Super Bowl Champions for the 3rd time. Sounds good doesn’t it? Sadly, almost too good to be true! It is surely beyond any realistic expectation that Brock Osweiler can go undefeated in his first ten starts, even if he … Read More

Pregame Preamble: Broncos vs Chargers

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Brock and his Broncos have so far escaped a Bear trap and avoided a nasty little Pat fall in last week’s epic showdown with New England. There are no tougher opponents in the NFL than the current Superbowl Champions and by hook or crook, Denver managed to secure a season altering, perhaps defining, win. It is easy to get swept … Read More

Tweets & Views from Week 12

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Go Broncos – here’s what I liked about last night: Jesus walks on water. CJ Anderson runs on snow. Great one-two punch in the backfield. Power, poise, precision and pure speed! Welcome back Emmanuel Sanders. A weapon of mass(achusetts) destruction. That’s stepping-up Derek Wolfe. The last time I saw a Wolfe have that much impact in a game, a not … Read More

Pregame Preamble: New England vs Broncos

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Brock took the helm on a frigid Solider Field and was anything but shell-shocked. He was able to lead effectively, marshal his troops and emerge victorious in his first career start. A Mile High starting berth against the defending Superbowl Champions is a different proposition altogether. It is not as much as baptism of fire as entering into the very … Read More