Denver Broncos. On the search for a head coach

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Less than a year ago Gary Kubiak and Peyton Manning were hoisting the Lombardi trophy above their heads after a 24-10 triumph over the Carolina Panthers. They are no more. Peyton Manning rode off into the sunset as a two time Super Bowl champion and potentially the greatest quarterback of all time. Now Gary Kubiak has gone. A Broncos legend, … Read More

Super Bowl 50 – Big Game Preview

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It’s time for the biggest game in American sport, and potentially world sport. The Super Bowl. The Denver Broncos vs the Carolina Panthers. Peyton Manning vs Cam Newton. #1 defense vs #1 offence. And it all takes place in sunny Santa Clara tomorrow evening. This week has seemed completely different than the week prior to Super Bowl 48, as the … Read More

Broncos Regular Season Review & Postseason Expectations

Gustavo RodriguesRegular Season

The Denver Broncos’ regular season has been some sort of rollercoaster ride. A large proportion of NFL fans didn’t think they were deserving of their initial 7-0 start. Manning didn’t look like his old self and the offence struggled. Apart from the home game against Green Bay, there wasn’t much to be excited about. Who would’ve thought? A team starts … Read More