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Offense seems to be the real measure of what makes Vegas and ESPN come up with their odds and stats.

However here is where the confusion lies. We had a sub par offense with mediocre QB play and a terrible O Line not suited at all to Coach Kubiaks Zone blocking system.

Yet those in the know have judged last season and by the looks of it this season on D again. Talk about moving the uprights.

Let’s face it after Peyton suffered a Plantar Facia injury I think we all knew this was his last season. I just feared it was a season and potentially career ending injury.

You could tell he had been carrying an injury when he came back on and steered us to victory against the Chargers as Brock looked clueless and to be honest the longer he stayed on field, the more he looked like a rabbit caught in the headlights somewhat.

He even (Manning), said his hand offs where better than Oswielers were. This is probably the real reason Brock spat his dummy out all the way to Houston.

Who is 13?

So with PFM and the heir apparent gone that left us with Trevor Siemian as the only QB on the roster. Could he have potentially started? Well as coach Kubiak favours 3 QB’s on his final 53, they chose him over Dysert who was on the previous seasons practice squad, so the question needs to be begged as not could have but still could.

He’s the only on field general that knows the system and by all accounts is showing sparks of why we could be in safe hands with him. But he is an unknown and 7th round QB who won’t make the cut right? He took one snap last season and that was a Kneel.

(Let’s not talk about the Patriots compensatory 6th round pick back in 2000, who never went on to do anything. Honest!).

Butt fumble

Lots of fans lovingly refer to Mark Sanchez as butt fumble (mainly ‘this is our year’ [again] Raiders fans), Because he ran into the back of someone and the ball got dislodged?

It’s amazing how they never talk about him taking the Jets to back to back conference finals…

I like what I have seen from him, and let’s face it with Coach Kubiaks system all we really need is a game manager. And that is why they brought in Mark. I trust John Elway impeccability, and he has seen something in him he likes. His enthusiasm and leadership quality is there to see in abundance, and this is just perhaps what we need ( and why he was brought in), after losing someone like Peyton who is the GOAT, this is something we drastically needed to settle all the changes down; someone who appears to know, or at least have an idea of what they’re doing.

He’s from Memphis you know.

So the Broncos brought in Paxton Lynch before the Combine because they really liked this kid.

From what I believe most projections had him gone within the First 10 picks.

Denver had him as their 1st choice in the 1st round and after he was still there in the late teens they started putting out the call to trade up, it appears that the Seahwaks didn’t like anyone left enough to spend a 1st in the 1st so traded out to Denver.

Thankyou Seattle. Although we still don’t forgive you for Superbowl 48…

At 6”7 and 244 lbs He has the physique of Brock but can cope under pressure, unlike Brock who took a sack rather than threw it away. When all’s said and done Brock was the game manager we needed, he just wasn’t worth 17 million to do this.

I actually thank him for spurning Denver as I believe we now have our Franchise Quarterback for at least the next 10 years.

Brock has also now turned down the Broncos very generous offer of meeting the President on June 6th as part of being World Champions.

This follows a report where he had allegedly been talking smack about Denver, where he basically admits to throwing his toys out of the pram, and the report alleges he had said his current team will destroy the Broncos in week 7.

I’m not sure what will happen in the ring ceremony, will he or won’t he attend?

Many feel if he doesn’t, this is a snub of the highest order.

It’s because of the Broncos and the little contribution he made he’s got his mega and overpaid contract.

We’ll let the D do the talking in late October on that one.

So that’s the QB position sorted, regardless of reports etc saying we have a QB dilemma. As in we don’t have anyone of credibility? How come the Eagles and Rams both draft 2 out of the 3 top QBs available in this year’s draft, yet they aren’t in a QB quandary? Try telling Matt Stafford that in Philadelphia!

First impressions from OTA’s show no real front runner, with all 3 getting the same amount of reps.

Whilst this so called duel is taking place it’s actually going to throw up another quandary I feel, but on the receiving corps end. We have an elite receiving partnership with Sanders and Thomas, but it’s the third receiver that will get the press I feel. Jordan Taylor was mentioned for special praise from Manning and he has shown flashes of why. Latimer hasn’t really done anything since being drafted, buy then again I don’t feel he has been called on to much either, this and coupled with the fact that he got arrested recently for an unpaid posting ticket, really does better the question.

I’m hearing lots of different names mentioned from OTA’s at the moment so I will not be surprised if we get 1 or 2 new feeders joining Sanders and Thomas as starters.

Another interesting thing to note is at Tight End. With Green recovering from a finger injury and Huerman sitting out with a minor hamstring problem, it’s giving those with a hope, a chance.

Yes we have a dilemma, as in who will be our starter.

As a Broncos fanatic because of this I am really excited to see how this 3 way dual will pan out. The off season is normally filled with boredom and anticipation. This year is excitement and anticipation.

So the final question at QB is, Is this Quandary simply a case of it’s really Vegas who have a Quandary, because they can’t give odds that will suit them until they know who our QB will be? Or is it a quandary of the good kind, as we know we will have the Best under centre come opening night?

Best quote I have seen so far was on Twitter, where it was suggested that such is the competition, Sanchez may start in week one, but won’t start in the play offs.


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