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Go Broncos – here’s what I liked about last weeks game:

  • Congratulations Mr Manning, on the new passing yardstick. Playing one terrible game does not detract from 200+ excellent ones. Even in a pass happy league, that’s a hell of a bar to set.
  • Crunching Alex Smith for daring to run up the field in the first quarter, we just did not do it enough.
  • Costly penalties in OUR favour. That’s new.
  • DT for saving an interception in the first quarter, well delaying one.
  • The D’s war of attrition, 21 minutes on the field in the 1st half and managed to contain KC to field goals even though we conceded field position every drive.
  • The wizard in Os. Brock looked comfortable running and provided a spark. Though by that time a big old bolt of lightening was required. He did manage to prevent a historical first home shutout.
  • At least the Raiders got beat so we maintained our lead in AFC West.

D’oh Broncos – here’s what I wish I could unsee:

  • Peyton needs is heading towards some unwanted records, most interceptions in a season and the points the opposition has scored off of them. He is usually in the conversation with Brady, Montana, Elway and Marino. His current stats are in JaMarcus Russell neighbourhood.
  • Manning had 3 first half interceptions could easily have been 6. NSA would be delighted if they got that many fruitful interceptions in that period of time.
  • I prefer when the D make big plays, not give them up.
  • All Broncos players deserve respect but when I see Britton Colquitt too often, I know something is going wrong.
  • Brock, your momma wasn’t lying in college. Protect yourself.
  • Don’t throw picks in the red zone, you are not Mark Sanchez.
  • That’s the easy way out TJ Ward. Be a leader.
  • For a back so fast Ronnie Hillman. Why can Daleks get round the corner better than you?

Woah Broncos – here’s what I need to stop and think about:

  • Peyton is a legend but still human and susceptible to nerves. Why start off with run, run, deep ball. Set the record on an easy screen, stop the game before it got started.
  • I appreciate Peyton’s pride in turning up at his work everyday but if you are injured you are not helping your team. Don’t worry about a few sick days, George Osborne won’t cut your tax credits.
  • Onside kick? Maybe good idea but like much of the day, poorly executed.
  • Also, if you know you need to change up the pace of the game and your QB is injured, why not make the change to Brock quicker?

Tweet Treats
Funniest tweet of the night goes to Adam Greenbaum:
“That was the toughest half of football I’ve had to watch in a long time. I wish Aqip Talib was here to poke both my eyes out.”

Most thought provoking from author and Sports Show Co-Host Les Shapiro:
“What would you think if Brock played the rest of the season and PM didn’t get another win for the year?”

Parting Thought
The Raiders and Vikings were better than we thought.
The Packers and Lions were perhaps not.
Our confidence has undoubtedly taken a dunt
But Chicago next up, Fox will punt!

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