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Go Broncos – here’s what I liked about last night:

  • Welcome back running game. Hillman reached the edge and turned the corner and sped to his 2nd 100 yard game of the season. Oh and what a stiff arm. Don’t mess with the little guy!
  • A 1st quarter shut out. Nice to see that back on the table.
  • Way to balance your attack Broncos, great mix up of pass and run.
  • The ball protection on the Offense is amazing, these backs rarely cough it up and that wasn’t always the case.
  • Despite a couple of individual errors, that was much better from the O Line. Too many times this season they have been the Oh-No Line.
  • We stuffed Jeremy Langford on 2 point conversion and held him to under 2 yards a carry. Bonnie Langford could have produced those numbers.
  • Winning the turnover battle. Nice to see the D come up big again. What a strip by Von Miller and a great poster for Asthma sufferers.
  • TJ, great open field tackle to stop 1st down, great game saving tackle. You do some great things 43.
  • Gutsy 4th down call at the goal line. I would have liked for Denver to go for it in the 4th quarter as well.
  • Brock isn’t the first 25 year old to get VD on his birthday but that was a fine addition Mr Davis. Welcome to Bronco land, you too Cody Latimer. As Ian Eagle said ‘The scout team hook up!’
  • That Fox is on the other sideline. How ironic it cost his team by going for it on 4th down rather than kicking the field goal. Who would be a coach!

D’oh Broncos – here’s what I wish I could unsee:

  • PEN–AL–TIES. Over 100 yards on the day. Entering into the game Denver had been penalised for more personal fouls than any other team (21) for a whooping £420K. That’s a hit so big TJ should deliver it. Mr Ward sees more flags than Sheldon Cooper.
  • If you excuse the football parlance, the referees were homers. Bears not called on any penalties at all and gave a bogus Pass Interference call on Roby and that was an illegal block on Number 43. It would have been if it was the other way around for sure.
  • That slow-mo slide Brock! Throw the ball away man and maintain your dignity. A frame that size does not go down gracefully!
  • TJ’s pot shot on Cutler. No one likes the dude but down is down.

Woah Broncos – here’s what I need to stop and think about:

  • The aggression. I like it in play calling and in defense but consecutive dumb penalties in the business end of the game really hurt the team. TJ Ward is like the Lord himself, he giveth and taketh away and there is a penance to serve when you cross him.
  • I don’t know if you should have caught that ball in the end zone Omar Bolden but quick reactions when it became live to save a certain TD. Nearly certain, it is Cutler and Fox after all.
  • Have we got a Red Zone offense? Maybe somewhat pinkish. But at least punched one in, the other was undone by the clock at the end of the half.
  • They used to say that we didn’t know much about Pro-Football in the UK, but some British players are making impact. One Britton, who is not, is Colquitt, he can’t be the best punter available in the league. He is not even the best punter in his house!
  • In winning his first career start, Brock joins Gary Kubiak as the only quarterbacks drafted by Denver to pick up a W in his opening game. Hmm, that’s not a career trajectory to follow.

Tweet Treats
Funniest tweet of the night goes to Michael:
“Only thing that can stopped Hillman tonight is Brock.”

Most thought provoking tweet from eh, me. (Modest!):
“What a sad state of affairs Emmanuel Sanders is a bigger miss to the offense than Peyton Manning.”

Stats a fact
6’8” Osweiler is now tied with Dan McGwire as tallest ever starting QB in NFL. (For the record Brock claims he is only 6’7” – Only!)
That was Demayrius Thomas’ longest TD catch of the season.

Parting thought
So onto Sunday Night Football and all things Pat
But a key date on Wednesday before we get to that
Who is coming to Wembley announced on NFLUK
Dear beloved Broncos, please come our way

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