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Go Broncos – here’s what I liked about last night:

  • Jesus walks on water. CJ Anderson runs on snow.
  • Great one-two punch in the backfield. Power, poise, precision and pure speed!
  • Welcome back Emmanuel Sanders. A weapon of mass(achusetts) destruction.
  • That’s stepping-up Derek Wolfe. The last time I saw a Wolfe have that much impact in a game, a not quite twenty-something Michael J Fox transformed to win a college basketball game.
  • Steady as she goes Brock. When you are 6’8” nothing is too big for you. Not even Brady, Belichick or famed halftime Patriots adjustments.
  • Yo-Yo Ball protection. You drop the ball, you pick it back up.
  • Next man up. Brunton, Stewart all made plays in the absence of TJ Ward.
  • Running behind Max Garcia, he creates bigger holes than greenhouse gases.
  • Fighting for yards Bennie Fowler. That inspires the crowd and the players.
  • Cody Latimer, did you like the glory? A touchdown last week, a forced fumble this week.
  • Terrell Davis would have been proud of that special teams takedown.
  • Aggressive playcalling.
  • Belief. Guts and glory.
  • The fair and impartial Officials Crew. Key to the city is yours.
  • I like perfection in my women. Not in my opponents.

D’oh Broncos – here’s what I wish I could unsee:

  • I think the punter should be called Britton Call-it-quits. Time to let him go. Can’t kick long, can’t kick short, got to kick him into touch.
  • Stupid penalties. Aqib, Von that’s unnecessary dumbness.
  • Five starters knocked out of the game. TJ Ward was particularly missed.
  • Brock, it’s taken you 4 years to get there, I know you want to savour every moment but sometimes it is ok to let go of the ball. Terrible sack that moved us out of field goal range.
  • Should have let McManus kick it anyway.
  • I would give DT a D-minus for effort. Imagine how dangerous we will be when Sanders and Thomas are both on fire.

Woah Broncos – here’s what I need to stop and think about:

  • Should we have went for it on 4th and 2? The way CJ was playing I would say it is worth the risk. Still maybe Coach knows best.
  • Brock has spent 60%+ more snaps than Peyton under center. It seems to have had a positive impact on the run game.
  • When do we bring Peyton back for the record setting win? Do we? Should we? Yes.
  • Defense exposed and exploited on occasion after injuries but mostly good adjustments Mr.Phillips. Needed to generate more consistent pressure.

Tweet Treats
It was a busy old night on Twitter, with many fans in a jovial mood.
“F**k this Osweiler guy” Peyton Manning and Tom Brady at same time.”

“Von’s penalty…At first pissed me off but then we held…Now…I’m glad Von got to hit Brady in the mouth”
@COSportsNut (Andrew K)

“Louis Vasquez has a questionable groin #injuryreport”

Most informative from master statistician Patrick Smyth:
“Personal foul penalty called on New England is the first Broncos’ opponent penalty for 6+ quarters (249 plays)”

Stats a fact
Denver are 4th in the league for 4th Down Efficiency, going 6 out of 9. Surprisingly, Fox’s Bears are 5 for 9 – including the botched attempt that cost him the game last week!
With 63 TD receptions, Gronk has moved by HOF Shannon Sharpe on all time list.
The NFL record for most targets without a catch is 12 set by the Bengals Carl Pickens in 1993. DT caught his only reception on the night on his 12th attempt. It was enough to move him 4th on all-time Broncos list ahead of Ed ‘Bruise’ McCafferty.
Brock has been sacked 11 times this season through 10 quarters. Peyton has never been sacked more than 21 times in any one season as a Bronco.

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