Von Miller Is The Best Player In The NFL

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Von Miller is the best player in the NFL. Period. The Broncos Linebacker was voted the second best player in the NFL by his peers this week, rising from the 15th spot in 2016. This made a mockery of the press handing the Defensive Player Of The Year to Khalil Mack who is yet to reach the levels of consistency and domination that a frequently double teamed Von Miller faces. And it’s a much bigger honour to be voted the second best player by your peers, not just the media and so called experts. Players know how tough the game is.

As expected Tom Brady was announced as the no.1 NFL player after leading the Patriots to another Super Bowl victory after trailing the Atlanta Falcons 28-3. Quarterbacks are always the most valued players, the real superstars and the top of every list when fans and player alike list their top NFL Players. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, but right now, he’s not the best player in the league. Ask a casual fan who the best NFL player is and they’ll almost always name a quarterback, or a showman like Odell Beckham Jr. They are excellent players in their own right, however sometimes defensive players can be overlooked. The art of defence is not as widely recognized by the wider fan base. The spin move, evading two blockers, bearing down on the Franchise Quarterback before delivering a thumping, knockout blow that sends them careering to the ground. There is nothing more beautiful in the game of football. Von Miller is the best at that.

In reality the Denver Broncos have had an abject offence for the last two years. But yet a Super Bowl was achieved in 2016, and a disappointing season followed despite nine hard fought victories. This is ultimately down to the defence, yes Peyton Manning was a leader and had a fantastic football brain, but his strength was dropping off in his Super Bowl year. That Super Bowl was won by the defence, and the man who took over the AFC Championship and Super Bowl, demolishing two superstars in Tom Brady and Cam Newton along the way, Von Miller. Yes Tom Brady brought his side back from 28-3 down in the Super Bowl, but just look at that franchise. The best Head Coach in football with Bill Belichick, an awesome defence, and terrific weapons for Brady to utilise with the likes of Julian Edelman, Danny Amendola and a brute of a Running Back in Legarratte Blount. The Patriots went 3-1 with Jimmy Garoppolo and Jacoby Brissett to start the year, which showed that this Patriots franchise is not all about the Quarterback, it’s a real franchise of superstars from on the field to off the field. Meanwhile Von Miller has been the shining light in a team with weak leadership and real uncertainty over the offence. Last season he produced 13.5 sacks and forced three fumbles, wrecking havoc on opposing offences despite often having to fight off two blockers, and helping to grind out unlikely victories in a difficult season for Denver.

Von Miller is a difference maker. Tom Brady is a points maker. Brady makes plays, yes, but that is much easier to do so when you have elite weapons around you on both sides of the ball. Everything Miller does is one on one, or sometimes one on two. which makes his task that much more harder and that much more of an achievement when all is said and done. That is what makes Von Miller the best player in the NFL. The one on one combat, war and battle. He excels at that better than anyone else, and the unique nature of his role makes what Von Miller does that bit more impressive than that of a Quarterback. One day he will be in the Hall of Fame. Hopefully with a couple more Super Bowls to boot.

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