Musings From The Mile High Report – Week 6

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Ian St. Clair from The Mile High Report joins us for his latest weekly feature on

Continued Misery

There are so many “this is the worst performance by the Denver Broncos under Vance Joseph” games, it’s hard to keep track. This defeat to the New York Jets is simply the most recent. And just when Broncos Country thinks it can’t get worse, Vance Joseph shouts out, “Hold my beer!”

Coaching Concerns

Always look for the simplest rational in instances like this, and it’s because they just aren’t good at their jobs. That means they overthink it and make it way too complicated. Everyone knows the strength of the Broncos offense is to run the ball, yet Bill Musgrave continues to remain shocked they don’t run it more. Not playing to Case Keenum’s strengths is just another exhibit in the case against this horrible coaching staff.

The rear ends for Joseph and Joe Woods should be seared beyond recognition, but one gets the impression John Elway and the Broncos place cold towels on their chairs before they sit down.

Ropey Roby

It’s crucial Bradley Roby show some semblance of functional cornerback play on Sunday; especially against this Rams offense. I wouldn’t hold my breath, because he’s just one of many who need to do so for this team — players and coaches.

Snow Game!

The weather is about all the Broncos have to look forward to at this point. Hope that since the Rams are from sunny Los Angeles, the cold and snow will transform them into the New York Giants.

What also gives Denver some hope is LA’s defense isn’t very good against the run (18th in the NFL). In that cold and snow at Mile High, the Broncos should run it until the Rams defense proves it can stop it. Of course, that means Musgrave will throw it 60 times and then be shocked after the game why his offense didn’t run it more.

Any Given Sunday?

Any given Sunday is thrown out on a weekly basis. There’s a reason it sticks around, because there is truth in it. See the Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings. The chances of that coming to fruition on Sunday for Denver are less than slim to none.

I went a little crazy with my initial prediction on the latest podcast, so I’ll tone it down a skosh — Rams win 34-9.

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